My baby changed my life

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My baby changed my life

It is only to be used in children months or older, although it may even be too stimulating for some babies until 6 months of age. It is generally used up to a year, although you can do it with an older baby too.

If you are unable to comfort your baby in his crib after a short period of time then 3 pick him up. If he starts to cry again which he probably will do then pick him back up again and repeat the process as needed.

As soon as he falls into a deep sleep remove your hand from his back and leave the room.

My baby changed my life

Over time you will want to remove your hand sooner so the pressure of your hand doesn't become a sleep prop. Instead of keeping your hand on baby until he falls into a deep sleep, you may also want to try removing your hands from baby when he starts to settle to sleep and take a step back and see if he can put himself to sleep the rest of the way.

You can gradually move farther from the crib during this stage either during the first attempt or over days until you are out the door. This approach will help lessen the chance that your hand turns into a new sleep prop for him.

If baby starts to cry as you are placing him back into his crib, continue placing him into his crib all the way and then pick him back up again. If baby arches his back, hits you or is in any other way aggressive while you are holding him, place him back down into his bed.

Then start over from the beginning with comforting words with your hand on his back. If baby is acting out in his crib flopping around etc then offer comforting words and maybe a hand on his back to help calm him down physically before you pick him up or you may end up with a black eye.

Don't be surprised if baby protests P. This method does not prevent crying, but it does do it in a secure environment.

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The Baby Whisperer says that P. Remember to be consistentstay calm and keep a calm, comforting voice. Don't make eye contact, smile or do any other distracting or fun thing with your child at this time.

Inserting pacifiers, feeding to sooth and rocking are no nos when doing P.

I Aborted My Baby – Because it was a Boy

You should not be continuing a sleep prop likes these or starting one when you are doing P. Even a lovey shouldn't be handed to baby when put back in bed. Baby should reach for it just like she will have to do when you are not there. If baby will not stop crying during the P.

If he is still upset then continue with P.

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Using this method you are reassuring baby you are there for him although you are not helping him calm down in your arms. The reassurance is the most important part. Many people when doing P. The Baby Whisperer suggests touch and words at the same time in her book.

I prefer starting with words and moving to touch if needed because it is better if you can put baby to sleep with only your vice compared to your voice and touch.When a one-day-old baby, Paul Joseph Fronczak, was stolen from a Chicago hospital in , the terrible story made headlines across America.

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