Sri lanka development stratergies

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Sri lanka development stratergies

Opposition leaders and most independent analysts are describing it as the 'Hambantota doctrine' more than 40 years after the then Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike imposed the notorious Attanagalla doctrine when she defended an attack by political thugs on UNP members who visited her homebase.

According to independent media reports, the five MPs were first harassed and intimidated when they were coming out of the MRIA.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa says the UNP and other opposition parties are unfairly attacking major development projects such as the MRIA and the international port in Hambantota but the UNP MPs who visited the area and Leadership Council Chairman Karu Jayasuriya told a news conference yesterday they had not, as the President charged, said the MRIA should be turned into a museum because few flights were coming there and that the international port should be turned into a swimming pool.

Sri lanka development stratergies

The UNP members said they had raised questions about the corruption, lack of transparency and accountability in the multi-billion-rupee projects and went there to get facts and figures to be presented to Parliament.

Media reports and live television pictures showed Hambantota Mayor Eraj Fernando carrying a pistol while a large crowd manhandled and geared the MPs, throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes at them till they were forced to flee.

The Mayor claims he was carrying only a toy pistol and his aim was to prevent the crowd from attacking the MPs.


But the young Mr. Rajapaksa has added confusion and contradiction to the mysterious and disgraceful incident by saying he gave no such direction to the 'Lord Mayor'.

Sri lanka development stratergies

If MPs who have a wide range of powers and privileges are treated like common criminals and are chased out while they were on a fact-finding mission, what then is the plight of ordinary people.

If they are attacked or some injustice is done to them, there is little purpose in going to a Police station as the Police Department has been politicised after the abolition of the 17th Amendment and the Independent police Commission.

With serious damage being caused to another bastion of democracy—the independent judiciary-- most people see little purpose in going to courts. For Instance during the current elections the independent Elections Commissioner has sweeping powers even over the security forces and can cancel the polling in any electorate where he finds evidence of the abuse of state privileges by the ruling party-- as we see so often in Sri Lanka.The Best Strategies for Nursing Leaders Nursing leaders are integral to the successful operation of a health care organization.

Staff performance and employee and patient satisfaction are just two challenges nurse leaders must address. An outlook to future development: The strategic development plan of Sri Lanka Tourism strives for million visitors in total (, from Germany) in , million in and 4 million in ZaoTec is a technology company based in Germany and Sri Lanka that builds sophisticated web applications for clients as well as for its own business.

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