The ethical and practical issues related to the rise of multinational corporations

Additional Information Abstract Multinational corporations MNCs have provoked considerable debate about the issues of "efficiency" and "social justice.

The ethical and practical issues related to the rise of multinational corporations

These issues ranged from company resource abuse to bribes and illegal political contributions. In the two years since the NBES, however, workplace ethics have improved. The Ethics Resource Center says that ethical misconduct declines when the economy struggles and rises when there is not as much economic pressure.

Both reports showed decreases in ethical activity from the previous reports. Employee Mistreatment Ethics problems can come in the form of coworkers mistreating and harassing each other or managers and business owners mistreating their employees, even to the point of breaking the law.

In the book "Diversity in Organizations," author Myrtle P. Bell talks about the common practices of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace along with the exploitation of immigrant workers in the form of low wages, abuse and excessive hours with no overtime. Customer Mistreatment Forms of unethical customer treatment include intentionally releasing shoddy products, lying to consumers and discriminating against clients by gender, familial status, nationality, age, sexual orientation and education level, according to the book "Business Ethics.

Clearly defined ethics programs and highly ethical leaders or owners can establish an environment in which ethics violations against coworkers and customers are seen as wrong and are reprimanded. Unethical Employee Behavior Employees polled in the " National Business Ethics Survey" said they observed other employees abusing company resources, falsifying their time sheets, abusing substances, breaching customer privacy, using the Internet and email accounts for personal matters, turning in false expenses and stealing.

Whereas 49 percent of employees reported seeing ethical misconduct inthe numbers were down from 56 percent who reported misconduct just two years earlier in Ethical misconduct numbers dropped between one and four percent each in most of the aforementioned areas, due in part to clearer guidelines, stricter ethics programs at work and anonymous hotlines to report unethical behavior.

Corporate Intelligence Issues The authors of "Business Ethics" have also identified practices in which businesses act unethically against each other or employees of one company steal and sell corporate intelligence, or C.

These acts include "dumpster diving" for confidential information that a company may have thrown away, hacking into a computer system for information and tricking someone into revealing valuable information. Advancements in technology make it simpler to commit C.

Even though the overall ethical misconduct numbers are declining, more C. Whereas inmost workers polled for the NBES cited the main issues as abusive behavior, lying and discrimination, inmore people were reporting misuse of confidential information and insider trading.

Inthe United States Sentencing Commission changed its guidelines to make sentencing more strict for organizations that commit federal crimes and to outline components of the most effective ethics programs for organizations. Many companies use these Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations as a framework for their ethical compliance initiatives.

References 5 "Business Ethics"; Ferrell, et al; 8th ed. Bell; "Are You a Bully?The Ethical Issues Facing Multinational Corporations Corporate managers are typically expected to maximize the returns of the investors while at the same time augmenting a firm’s reputational capital, circumventing agent-principal conflict of interest and abiding by regulatory standards.

paying off druglord to not be bombed is ethical because everyone is doing it. 1. to say that an action is ethically justified if everyone is doing it is not sufficient 2.

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and linguistically, just to name a few often lead to an increasing rise in the ethical difficulties faced by multinational corporations operating in several countries.

The ethical and practical issues related to the rise of multinational corporations

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Ethical difficulties faced by multinational companies in today’s business world Essay Sample. Introduction.

The ethical and practical issues related to the rise of multinational corporations

Multinational corporations (MNCs) are corporations that “own or control production or service facilities outside the country in which they are based.”(United Nations, , P.

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